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Getaway Experience Gift Card

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The "Getaway Experience" card offers a wide selection of getaways throughout Spain and Europe, ranging from 5-star luxury hotels to rural houses, spa hotels, monasteries, palaces and farmhouses. It is an ideal gift for those who wish to discover all the charms of Spain and enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

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To use the Wonderbox "Getaway Experience" gift card, fill in the number of your experience card on wonderbox.es in the "I have a Wonderbox" section. Choose from all the activities available on the website. Receive and print the e-ticket to book and enjoy your activity.

Terms & Conditions

With the purchase of this activity, you will receive a Wonderbox card.

    How to use the Wonderbox gift card

    1. The Wonderbox gift card is valid for up to 39 months.
    2. The amount of the experience card can be divided between several activities. 
    3. You can choose an activity with a higher amount than the amount of the experience card by paying the difference. If the amount of the selected activity is less than the amount of the experience card, you will find the balance available in your account.
    4. The Wonderbox gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.
    5. Wonderbox will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gift cards.
    6. With the purchase of this activity, you will receive a Wonderbox card.


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